Wednesday, March 21, 2007

a "final" comment on "the lost tomb of jesus" from darrell bock

I am now back in Dallas. Things appear to be settling down on the tomb front. No real new information or responses to report.

The process of public vetting seems to be playing itself out. We are in a time when such disclosures directly to the public mean that the public will have to allow the public vetting process to take place before embracing or rejecting such directly made claims. What iis so interesting about this particular example is the near unanimity that this claim has little substance to it, given that there are so many points in the linkage to get to the conclusion that are suspect.

I shall continue to keep my eyes and ears open, but the verdict on this one seems to have been quite negative. If so, it may show that public vetting over blogs and the Net can work, even though it is not the best way to go about this kind of discussion.

- from dr. darrell bock

Other material relevant to the Talpiot Tomb:

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