Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Andrew Jones on John MacArthur's "The Truth War"

"In a nutshell, John Macarthur brings the harshest criticism that has ever been delivered to the emerging church. Much harsher than I expected and blogged about some months ago. Much harsher than Don Carson, who took the time and effort to mention the positive contributions of the emerging church. Unlike Carson, Macarthur offers no positives at all. He sees the movement as heretical, an assault on the certainty of Scripture, inherently flawed, riddled with gnosticism, and equivalent to a poopslide on the garment of Christ" [some links added].

Andrew Jones responds in some detail to John MacArthur's new book criticizing the emerging church.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm sure a large can of worms have been opened here, but I didn't really find this review helpful in dealing with the WHY of MacArthur.

Why would John take the effort to write a book like this?

What are his concerns?

What has he seen and heard that would cause him to defend the Church of Christ and the purity of Christ's bride?

These are the concerns that seem important to me.

Yes, MacArthur is speaking in very general terms of the EC and mainly that which has been documented in print by leading personalities of the movement.

Are there solid EC's? Yes. But when good people do not stand up for truth, it allows for distortion and confusion, or lumping all into one mold.

I've looked into the EC and there are some very concerning issues that would lead me to at least understand the WHY of MacArthur.

I haven't read the book yet. I would hope his focus wasn't on the EC but more on the impact of post modern thinking that has infected the Church.

Andrew said...

fair enough. its not really a review, yet. maybe the next few posts will answer those questions - if people want to go there.

but yes, the emerging church is the target of this book's criticism.