Monday, June 18, 2007

30 Billion and 1 Reasons My Wife Rocks

Now that's a Father's Day Gift!

That comprised the 30 billion reasons. But the one reason that was the best gift Beth gave me yesterday was a day with my Michaela (11), Skye (9), and Alia (7) at Chesapeake Water Park.

Thanks Beth!!


Steve K. said...

Congrats, Stephen! Now I expect you to start producing a video podcast so you can watch yourself on your new iPod ;-)

BTW - My wife bought me the "Planet Earth" documentary series on DVD! Also a very nice gift. I can't wait to watch it.

Steve K.

Stephen said...

I have long thought about doing a podcast but just haven't yet. (not sure at all - though - about a video podcast!). And please let me know what you think about Planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

WTG Beth! BTW, I could totally see you doing a podcast. Lord knows, you can talk :)

Groover said...

When you want to go Podcast...I have a site ready for you.