Saturday, June 02, 2007

blog buzz link love for my friend dj chuang

A couple of days ago, my good friend DJ Chuang and I met again at Sierras Grill just outside of the Washington Beltway and shared a fine Mexican meal. DJ wears several hats, including dad, husband, Director of Digital Initiatives and Asian American Church Research with Leadership Network and as the Executive Director of L2 Foundation. DJ and I met while we both attended Cedar Ridge Community Church which Brian McLaren and others started in 1982. We had a fine conversation and spent a good bit of time discussing the unique opportunities of online community and the inadequacy of the term "the declining cost of information" to describe what's happening in media nowadays. (I'll probably blog more about this later, but lately I'm thinking that "the declining cost of community" is a better rubric because it captures the relational interactivity now available to us through media.)

I was sad to find out just before we met that DJ and his family are moving to Los Angeles! But DJ's adventures are our opportunities! That's because he has agreed to accept sponsors for his trip! He explains some of what he could offer:


  1. cell phone with internet plan to blog, to send photos and to post video - to share this ultimate road warrior experience, I’d like to make blog posts while going 65 mph, upload photos and videos right from the phone, even host chat hours via IM
  2. overnight stay at 3+ star hotels - candid reviews posted for free, but raving positive reviews + photos + links can be had for a comp stay
  3. meals at restaurants - candid reviews posted for free, but raving positive reviews + photos + links can be posted for meals on-the-house
  4. car-wrap advertising on a 2006 Nissan Xterra - yes, we’ll drive cross-country with your full-car ad
  5. web hosting - host the blog and domain name for 2 years with unlimited bandwidth and one-click WordPress installation
  6. bonus: GPS navigation equipment — for driving directions and more, we’ll talk it up as we use it all the way across the country"
Be sure to read his post on this to get the full scoop.

DJ, I am going to miss you here in Washington, DC but I'm glad the declining cost of community will empower us to keep in touch.

God bless you and thank you for your friendship and contributions to Christ's kingdom.

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