Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What I'm Reading

Someone asked me what I'm reading, so here goes:

I just finished


brad said...

hey stephen!

i'd love to hear your thoughts on TNIV. i've been using it a lot lately.

also, itunes has a free 1.5 hour video interview of steve jobs and bill gates. very interesting:)


Stephen said...

brad, funny you mention the jobs - gates thing - I've been listening to it! I like the TNIV quite a bit. The Study Bible is also very, very helpful. I'm finding that lately I'm more and more drawn to dynamic equivalent translations such as the NIV and TNIV and am reading NASB, ESV, etc less. However, when I'm studying a text, I'll still pull out NASB and ESV. Both are also fine translations. But I greatly prefer NIV/TNIV in the OT.

Anonymous said...

Joe here...
Nice list. I passed your AH info to a friend who loves this stuff.