Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Buzz Conference Audio: Craig Groeschel's Friday 29 June 2007 Talk

Audio from most of the main sessions of the Buzz Conference can be downloaded online here.

However, because of his conference schedule, the Friday 29 June 2007 talk by Craig Groeschel, which has received high praise, will not be posted until October 2007. Notes from that session can be viewed here.

Nevertheless, National Community Church in Washington, DC - who sponsored the Conference - has just informed me that the CD of this session can be ordered by either snail mail or phone for $12, which includes shipping and handling. You can either send a check to

National Community Church
205 F St NE
Washington, DC 20002
attn: Amanda Norwich

or if you'd prefer to use a Visa or Mastercard over the phone, you can call Amanda Norwich at NCC at 202-544-0414.

I just ordered my copy; this talk was a great challenge to personal holiness and accountability that I'm still processing.

- Metapost on the 2007 Buzz Conference (Notes from all Sessions, etc)

- image courtesy of snaptography

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