Monday, July 09, 2007

The Emergence of the Missional Reformed

Reformed blogger David Wayne posts regarding recent Reformed moves towards missionality.

I consider myself Reformed (though many if not most would not remotely consider me TR because I haven't yet affirmed Particular Redemption, aka "Limited Atonement"), but I'll say this: While I'm not saying that the Reformed Doctrinal System is intrinsically propositional (and I'm using that word as a technical term as it's used here), my years of theological study and reading would lead me to say that if there ever were a modern theological system that through its internal coherency and vast reach could lead one to become a propositionalist, it would be the Reformed System. And some of us might say that we've met a Reformed Propositionalist or two. :)

So that being said, I am very happy to hear about the recent transpropositional moves of many within the Reformed sphere.

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