Thursday, July 12, 2007

Late to the Party: White Stripes

I think I first noted that the single Icky Thump was selling pretty high on iTunes, gave it a listen and liked it. I then bought it and ended up buying the entire album.

I had no idea the White Stripes were this good. I've liked every single song I've heard on the album and I can't remember the last time that was true.

image from wikipedia


knsheppard said...

I have all three cds, and think they're all pretty good. Maybe we should go to a DC area concert? ;-) They also recently played on a bus for the public, out of the blue. I dig that.

Stephen said...

oh my gosh, kenny, we absolutely must see them when you're back in town. I been googling them a lot and apparently they do that small venue spontaneous concert thing quite a bit. they also did a major canadian tour after...not sure if it was icky thump or another of their albums. i just bought Elephant last night but i only so far heard the first song.