Friday, July 06, 2007

More Buzz

I just noticed that National Community Church in DC has posted the audio for most of the talks for last week's Buzz Conference here.

Sadly, what some consider the best talk of the conference - Craig Groeschel's 2nd talk on Friday 29 June - will not be posted until October 2007 because of Craig's upcoming conference schedule. However, you can find notes from this wonderful talk here.

NCC has also announced that today @ 5 PM ET they'll post the results of their Film Festival here. I'm also hoping that this means they'll post the actual videos themselves.

Finally, the fine folks @ Buzz have also posted a number of great pics from the conference here.

UPDATE: Mark Batterson has announced that video of the talks will be made available at some point as well.

- Metapost on the Buzz Conference

1 comment:

chuckk gerwig said...

-it's great to live in a time where next gen ministry insights can be shared instantly, globally and for free, no?

I smell Jesus in the 'net in all this.

...cheers to Mark B for giving away the goodness as we emerge experiment and extrapolate on it all.