Thursday, July 05, 2007

This is the Truth

Someone has posted this amazing video from Granger Community Church that many of us saw for the first time last week at the Buzz Conference in DC to YouTube.


ht: David Foster


Chris Rosebrough said...


I apologize for asking this question in this post. But, I could not find your email address. Please feel free to delete this post after you've read it.

I saw your Brian McLaren AP news story posts and I had a question that I thought would help clarify things in my mind.

There is an Episcopal priest in Seattle who also claims to be a practicing Muslim.
Would McLaren reject or embrace her claim to be a follower of both religions?

Chris Rosebrough

Shari said...

That is a really cool video, Stephen. Thanks so much for posting it :)

Bob Robinson said...

It had me going for a little while...

Nicely done.