Monday, July 02, 2007

your advice please...

...I'm considering moving emergesque (and maybe changing the name to faithmaps blog) to another platform.

I'd be interested in any advice people might wish to give on typepad, wordpress, etc. I probably will use another free service but it would be nice to get in on a platform with which I can grow.

And if there's anyone out there who has moved from blogger to any other platform, I'd be very interested in hearing about your experience.



Chris Hubbs said...

I migrated from Blogger to Wordpress a couple of years ago and couldn't be happier. The migration wasn't too tough then and I'm sure they've streamlined it since then. I would recommend Wordpress all the way.

Bob Robinson said...

I'll be a fly on the wall, listening in on this. I've been contemplating it as well.

What exactly makes you "happier" about Wordpress over blogger? What's so great about it? Blogger has so vastly improved over the past couple of years, I'd like to know why I should move.

djchuang said...


I've made the switch between 4 or 5 blogging tools over the years, and currently am on an independent-install of WordPress (not to be confused with hosted -- the migration is manageable (I won't say easy to a non-techie!) and the powerful thing about WordPress is the many hundreds of plug-ins, and the on-going software development for the latest & greatest features and functionalities.

Stephen said...

dj, what's the cost of the full product?

Tammie said...

Like Chris above, I migrated a blog from Blogger to Wordpress (the .com free one) recently. You can import all your posts from the old site. Cleaner look. You can schedule posts to be published at future times (OK, maybe you could do that on Blogger, but I never figured it out). Auto-save feature for people like me who write longer posts while online. Categories, plug-ins, stat page updated daily.

Drawback is that if you use something like SiteMeter on the free site, it isn't fully functional because doesn't support the javascript.

There's other behind the scenes stuff of the dashboard I like - a comment tracker, tag surfer, blog surfer, etc.

So, there you have my little bit of general input on the free side of Wordpress.

Brother Maynard said...


I didn't mess around with many other blog platforms - set up Blogger for a client about 6 years ago. I did a survey and picked b2 as best-of-breed about 4 years ago - it was later officially forked into WordPress, which I think is now best-of-breed. I could poke at a technical issue or two but on the whole I'd still say it's the best thing out there.

If you do a standalone install (as I've done several times) it's free and near-infinitely customizable. Hosting costs would vary by host, but can be cheap. If you go with you can get everything free but you give up a bit of flexibility... fewer limitations than Blogger I'd expect though.