Wednesday, July 18, 2007

your opinion please

thanks for your thoughts when I asked earlier about going to Wordpress or Typepad. I'm probably going to use the former.

Question: do you think that I should retain the name "emergesque" or just use "faithmaps blog?"

I've always had the url for emergesque which has understandably confused people. Some folks deal with this by just googling emergesque or my name. So whatever name I end up choosing, I'll correct that by using the same url.

Your thoughts are welcome!


Anonymous said...

Like it because it sounds so original, especially over, "faithmaps"

Initially, I did't get what it meant, and that can be good. It made me think.

The only negative is linking the name exclusively to emerging church issues. Is that what you want?

Stephen said...

i've really thought about that quite a bit. i'm still not convinced that when folks outside the conversation hear "emerging church" they don't automatically think about ec revisionists, which I mostly am not. Yet it's obvious that there are many, many folks within the ec that are not revisionists so it's not like I'm unique in the ec universe.

Anonymous said...

My vote lies with Emergesque, since it applies to you and your personal blog, and Faithmaps to the site your run. But hey, that's just me.

Steve K. said...

Hey Stephen,

I really think "Faithmaps" is more original. Emergesque just doesn't communicate much -- kind of like how "emerging church" doesn't say much either (without adding "missional" or something to it). To avoid confusion (i.e. you getting lumped in with ec revisionists -- like me!? -- whom you'd disagree with on some things), I have to cast my vote for Faithmaps. I'd just encourage you to really make Faithmaps your "brand," if you will.

Steve K.

Anonymous said...

I'd check your web stats, and see which one gets you more traffic, be it emergesque or faithmaps, and then stick with one of those names for all that you do. Or, just stick with your name, Stephen Shields :)