Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Facebook: Little Help Please?

I don't see my Wall any longer on my facebook page (and I am logged in). I don't see a setting to toggle it on and off.

Any thoughts?


Ben Hunsberger said...

From the help:

My Wall is not showing on my profile page.

There's a setting to control who sees this on the Profile section of the Privacy page. You can add your Wall to your profile page by adjusting the setting so that it's no longer on the most restricted level.

I changed mine to "no one" and the wall disappeared, then set it back to friends and it reappeared.

Stephen said...

Thanks Ben!

I figured out that I hadn't been going to my profile page but just going to where, even though I was signed in, I couldn't see The Wall. But if I go to my profile page, all is well. So I just changed my bookmark.