Saturday, May 10, 2008

In Search of the Quintessential Baltimore Diner

This morning, Kenny Sheppard of Prolegomena fame and I continued our quest to find the quintessential Baltimore Diner. Kenny, his girlfriend Candace, and I (the picture was taken just after I detailed for Kenny and Candace what actually is in "Scrapple," a Delmarva breakfast delicacy) visited Frank's Diner near my house. So far we've visited

This morning we discussed
and the obvious nexi of these topics with the Baltimore Diners in general.


Rob Carlson said...

After eating at almost every diner on your list I have to say I rank Overlea Diner above all the others.

kns said...

My bad, it's called Two Sisters Grill. You can find a link on Citypaper's website.

Topics discussed to add: southern accents, ADD, voracious reading and appetites, Bible translations, board games...

Are you sure we shouldn't just podcast our breakfasts? I kid.

Stephen said...

Rob! Suggest some more diners!

Stephen said...



I still can't find any links to "Two Sisters Grill."

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