Friday, May 02, 2008

iTunes Turns 5 Today

Happy Birthday!

I cannot overstate how much I've enjoyed my Nano. I almost left it in a Panera Bread the other morning and my breakfast partner asked me what I would do if I lost it. My answer was that I would have a new one by the end of the day. Rare is the day when I haven't listened to it at least 2x and many days more times than that - usually while commuting, exercising, taking out the trash, washing dishes, or cleaning the house. However, most of the time I'm listening to unabridged audio books - usually a historical biography.

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Anonymous said...

Like the white bg much better...

I use PC...but all my Mac friends do not have the same problems. Mac users are like Saturn drivers...they are VERY committed!

Stephen said...

Oh, I'm totally PC. Though initially iTunes only worked with the Apple OS, not too long aftr launch they released iTunes as a free download for Windows.