Sunday, June 29, 2008

prayer request for skye teresa

Hi, all.

Thanks so much for your friendship, prayer & support for us and Skye. Skye is being tested again tomorrow & Tues at Hopkins, both for kidney function and for reflux in both kidneys. We are asking God to totally heal her. It's our understanding that's the only way her kidney function will be restored. At the least, please pray that her right kidney will still be functioning at a high level and that she will not show reflux at all. The best news we have so far is that she has not had one SINGLE BOUT of pain on her left side since February! That in itself is so wonderful, I cannot tell you. Before then she had a full day of serious pain in her left side every 4-6 weeks [for 3 years]. We are very thankful for this and also that she is still active and basically feeling well.

Aside from the above, please pray for excellent nurses, veins that cooperate (she has lousy veins from my side of the family), and swift test results so we're not left wondering (her doc is on vacation until the end of July).

We will let you know as soon as we have answers. Thanks again,

beth :o

- background on skye's condition


Steve K. said...

I'm praying, Stephen!


Anonymous said...

Lord, we lift up Skye as a family and request your healing. Lift up Steve as head of the family and Beth as a mother concerned beyond words for her little baby girl. Give this family a strength and peace as they seek your honor and guidance as Father.