Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prayer for Skye Requested

- Background on Skye's condition

Update: The good news is that Skye has experienced virtually no pain since her hospitilization in Hopkins in February. However, we were surprised to have learned a few weeks ago that Skye's Reflux had returned. Then later, Skye experienced some infection that broke through to her blood. Antibiotics seem to have cleared it right up, but Skye's surgeon at Johns Hopkins nevertheless wants to talk to us tomorrow morning about the possibility of doing major surgery to remove the Deflux that's calcified and reattaching her ureters as a means by which to stop the Reflux. Obviously our primary goal is to protect her one working kidney and the continuance of Reflux is a serious concern that must be addressed.

Your prayers for wisdom - and Skye's healing - would be appreciated.

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brad said...


we'll be praying here for sure.

peace to you and yours,