Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Skye Update

Skye went into surgery at 10 AM and was supposed to be done at noon. At 2 PM Dr. Mathews came out and let us know that she had done well.

Thank you for your prayers!

Now we enter the recovery phase. A big milestone will be walking sometime tomorrow. If all goes well, Dr. Mathews says that Skye should be able to go home Thursday or Friday.

She will be in a good bit of pain, but Hopkins will be giving her something for pain management. And we do need all her plumbing to fall back in sync, so please pray about that.

Thank you, everyone; and thank you God.


Laura Howden said...

We love you Skye and Shields family. You are always in our prayers. Baby Bryce can't wait to see you soon. The Howdens

Anonymous said...

Stephen, glad to hear this phase has gone well, our prayers are with Skye at this time.

David Reeves

Mark Eberle said...

Steve, I love you buddy. I'll be praying for Skye's recovery. Mark Eberle