Friday, January 16, 2009

Ten Years of the Emerging Church: A Retrospective

Charlie Wear of Next-Wave asked me to pen a piece on ten years of the emerging church in North America. To pull this together I interviewed:

The piece was published today and can be found here.

The interviews behind the piece (which covered more topics than I did in the article) can be found here and here.

Comments welcome!


Steve K. said...

Great stuff, Stephen!

Too bad wasn't around long enough to get a mention in your article in your list of networks that are furthering the emerging missional conversation. Perhaps an addendum is in order? ;-)

Steve K.

Stephen said...

thanks steve! tell us about missional tribe. I don't recall ever having seen that website, but it looks like the url still works.

Steve K. said...

The Missional Tribe site launched on January 6, 2009 (Epiphany). Kingdom Grace, one of the "instigators," explains the site and the history of it on her blog here:

Tony Myles said...

Hmm... you didn't interview John Piper? :) But I thought we were trying to be diversified.

Stephen said...

I won't name names but I couldn't get a single person to speak to me from that Reformed/Emerging camp who likes Piper. Now, that sounds like I'm the Associated Press and I'M NOT! **Plus** I reached out to all the interviewees right before Christmas so I'm sure some simply had not time to respond. I did extend a couple of international invitations (beyond Jordon and Andrew), but shame on me, I sent them too late for them to respond. I also now wish I had intentionally diversified beyond white guys. Though most of the North American recognized ec leaders have been white guys, there are others I could have asked and should have. The article was not meant to be comprehensive but one lens perspective.

I know you didn't address all this in your comment, Tony, but I've been wanting to say it!