Sunday, March 15, 2009

In Search of the Quinessential Baltimore Diner, Continued

I believe that this is Year 3 in which I have partnered with Kenny Sheppard (Prolegomena) in search of the Perfect Baltimore Diner. Since our first breakfast we've visited:

(Kenny, is this list complete?)

On Saturday, Kenny, who's working on his Ph.D at Johns Hopkins on atheism and the intellectual history of 17th century England, and I visited the Silver Moon Diner. It was great! The food was fantastic; Kenny's even become a Scrapple aficionado. But best of all was the great conversation with my good friend.

Kenny took the picture above and a few others which can be found here. (For reasons beyond my capacity to imagine, we have not taken pictures on every single visit).


kns said...

There was also the place we went to in Mount Vernon, but it turned out to not be a diner. It was part of the search, though. And there was Happy Day Diner, on Pulaski. There may even be one more - what was the place called that we went to with Candace and talked about "exploding head syndrome"?

Nu2Seattle said...

Hi Stephen--

When I was in college, the Bel-Loc Diner was the place to be. Reminded me of the diner in "Diner." 1700 East Joppa Road in Parkville.