Saturday, June 11, 2011

A New Bible Reading Project: The OT Prophets in Historic and Christocentric Perspective

So I've decided to embark on a new Bible Reading Project and plan to do most of my reading in the new NIV that's just been published. I don't think I've ever read all of the OT Prophets in one fell swoop, so I'm planning to read them in chronological order (I haven't decided whose chronological scheme I'm going to use yet). But to provide background, I'm going to read all the relevant OT history first. I began reading a few days ago with 1 Kings 12, just after Solomon dies and the when the Kingdom is divided into Israel and Judah. I'll either begin reading the first Prophets as I get to the first one chronlogically, or I might read all the history first and then begin with the Prophets - haven't decided yet. To help with background, I'm going to simultaneously work through FF Bruce's Israel & the Nations, which was revised by the London School of Theology's David F Payne in 1997. Bruce's work won't reflect more recent scholarship, but he's articulate, succinct, reliable, and will provide a very solid overview of the other nations with which Israel interacted through her pre-Messianic history.

I think it would be balanced and would also provide interesting perspective on the Prophets to at the same time read through the Gospels. For background on this, I plan to use Robert H Stein's relatively brief survey Jesus the Messiah. Since that won't likely take very long, I'll probably just continue through the whole New Testament chronologically as well.

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