Friday, August 30, 2002

on worship

one of our 'mappers wrote about how she tends to withdraw from God when threatened. I responded with:

This has been one of the most difficult 18 mos or so of my life and I've
*definitely* found I tend to flee to Him when pressed and, alternatively,
dive inside myself and - as Leanne Payne says - walk alongside myself when

But I'm like you in that I've found many different avenues to worship. When
I started working on our beautiful new campus in January, the sheer beauty
of the architecture - see

- led me to worship. And I've written here how Pat Methany has often moved
me to praise, sometimes while working out on my Nordic Track!
Similarly, reading the end of Lewis' 'Til We Have Faces just slays me.

This morning (and again this PM) during my hour's commute between Baltimore
and NVa I had an unusual experience- I actually worshipped while listening
to Comtemporary Christian music (which historically I've not liked)! :)

I was moved to tears by listening to Jennifer Knapp, a wonderful artist I've
just discovered who does not sound like every other Contemporary Christian
artist. I was listening to Come Freedom Come and was struck by this

Come Freedom Come
Written By: Jennifer Knapp © 2001
Gotee Music/West Hudson Music(Bmi)-Admin. By Emi Cmp

Come Trickle Down And Save The World
Two Hands That I Can't See
Come Breathe, Come Breathe,
Come Breathe On Me
Split-Rib Water, Blood And Bone
Come Now, Come Calvary
Come Breathe, Come Breathe On Me

The beautiful and horrible mixture of Christ's torture and the Spirit's empowering ... me! overwhelmed me. I'm moved even now
reflecting on it. Her voice is a rare beauty - truly unique and not canned.
Good grief. How could I forget that He went thru this? I am so thankful
that Jennifer took it out of the realm of the "knew that" and brought it
back to me.

O God, bring us all those conduits thru which we can forget ourselves and
see you afresh. I pray that for every 'mapper.

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