Friday, August 30, 2002

Fifteen Traits of Postmodern Apostles

Chris Criminger posted this to the faithmaps discussion group.

Apostles have time for everyone.
Apostles know that the DNA of the church is to make apprentices of
Jesus Christ.
Apostles function as soul friends.
Apostles are passionate about entire cultures, people groups, and
Apostles know how to share Jesus with pagans.
Apostles are team-based leaders.
Apostles are obedient to a call beyond their own lives.
Apostles major on the majors, and minor on the minors.
Apostles are led intuitively by the Holy Spirit all the time.
Apostles are constantly innovating their methodology of reaching a
lost world.
Apostles serve Jesus Christ in the midst of the people of God instead
of serving the people of God.
Apostles pray without ceasing.
Apostles are real people, and yes they are human. And they know it.
Apostles understand the Matrix and can help you decide which pill to
Apostles are men after God's own heart.

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