Saturday, August 31, 2002

update on Chris

from Amelia at 10 PM tonight:

What a great day this has been! Chris came off the ventilator at 10:30 this
morning and has been breathing on his own all day. Today is the first time
his pH (blood acid level) has been normal! He is off hemofiltration and
will receive hemodialysis in the morning. They have pulled off 35 of the 40
liters that he gained. His kidney output is slowly increasing and everyone
is hopeful that the kidneys will improve steadily each day.

The main organ to regain normal function at this point is his liver. It is
also slowly but steadily improving. They will not be able to proceed with
treatment for leukemia until it reaches a greater level of functioning.
Also, his level of awareness should improve when the toxins from the liver
failure are cleared from his system.

Roberta met the new oncologist this morning. She liked him very much. He
is pleased with Chris's progress and anticipates doing another bone marrow
biopsy soon to determine whether Chris is in remission or not. Based on
these results, he will know what the next steps in leukemia treatment are.

Prayer requests:
1. liver
2. bone marrow -- to be in remission and to produce normal cells to
strengthen his body
3. face pain -- we can't tell whether his face hurts today or not. We don't
think it does, but this is still a concern since he is off the Neurontin.
4. Kaitlin's visit tomorrow to see her father (she hasn't seen him in 2
weeks). She wants to see him, but is afraid. He will not be responding
normally since he is has hepatic encephalopathy (toxins from the liver
failure that effect his level of awareness).
5. his eyes -- that they will continue to heal, as he still does not seem
to see when he opens his eyes.

Continue to praise God and give Him all the glory, for all of this is in the
Great Physician's hands. There is a witness daily of God's faithfulness to
hear our prayers and touch lives for Himself.

Your sister in Christ,

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