Saturday, August 31, 2002

prayer request for Chris Temple

from Amelia Hendricks @ 9:44 AM on Sat 31 August:

I come before you again asking for fervent prayer. Chis took a turn for
the worse during the night. This is the first time the nurses have called
Roberta with a change -- we were awakened at 4:30 this morning with the news
that Chris had gotten worse.

He is bleeding somewhere from the low platelet count. They believe the most
likely source is irritation of the lining of the stomach or an ulcer. The
bleeding is controlled now -- they have given platelets and his red blood
cell count is stable. He is again requiring special IV medicine (Levophed)
for blood pressure support. They have put him back on the ventilator and
have no plans to take him off today. There is concern that he has aspirated
-- meaning he has gotten food and blood in his lung. This could lead to
pneumonia. He has spiked another temperature, which would be consistent
with infection. They will resume hemofilotration at noon today -- his blood
pressure will not tolerate hemodialysis.

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