Saturday, August 17, 2002

Propositionality a Security Blanket

I've written here and elsewhere about how evangelicalism has become inordinately propositionalized. This has led the faithmapper community to develop their concept of transpropositionality as a balancing concept.

On Sunday 4 August in the faithmaps discussion group I wrote about how I'm growing increasingly dissatisfied to the degree that my own religion is propositionalized. There I commented:

"My religiosity is too much a matter of propositions. I gather my
propositions around my neck like a warm blanket - I imagine they nurture and
sustain me. My walk with God is too much just a matter of talk and reading
and writing. But God is calling me to something much more. He wants me to
lay aside my security blanket and get transpropositional! For me, that
looks like feeding the homeless or painting a house or mowing a yard or

And I commited myself to the 'mappers that before two week passed I would find something to do that would let me get my hands dirty.

I've been a computer professional for several years now so I wanted to find a volunteer opportunity where I could help people become financially self-sufficient by teaching them computer skills.

So this PM I found three opportunities using the fantastic VolunteerMatch website:

1 - the Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity


2 -The Patrick Allison House.

Patrick Allison House is a transitional housing program in Baltimore City
that supports homeless men in recovery from addiction in their efforts to
sustain sobriety, secure full-time employment, attain permanent housing, and
acheive personal and community responsibility.

Patrick Allison House was established in 1986 by members and friends of the
First and Franklin Street Presbyterian Church who were interested in
breaking the cycle of homelessness in Balimore.

(I'm probably most interested in these folks but they don't have any Sat


3) Progress Online
I contacted them all for more info this AM. I'll let you all know what resp I get and what I decide to do!

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