Saturday, August 17, 2002


Some of you may know Chris Temple, who is the moderator of the Founders
Friends discussion group that used to be on yahoogroups and now is listed under another site. He recently graduated from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is now the pastor of Ligonier Baptist Church.

I just received a notice ab his being in the hospital with Leukemia and
received below after asking for details:

:The background: Sunday 2 weeks ago Chris "collapsed" after preaching. He
felt poorly all week with differing symptoms each day -- fatigue, a bloody nose,
blood blisters, etc. One of his deacons, who is a physician, took some
blood work. When he got the results that Friday, he drove straight to Chris and
Roberta's and then to the medical center 1.5 hours away. The hospital said
Chris would have died in a day or 2 if they had not brought him in. They
diagnosed him with acute leukemia, then did a bone marrow biopsy on Monday
to determine the type of leukemia -- as you know, the type determines the
treatment and prognosis. He has ALL (acute lympohcytic leukemia) which is the rarest
form and very unusual in adults. They started high-dose chemotherapy on
Wednesday. He had been running a fever and had a blood infection since admission, but
that had seemed to be under control. He was tolerating the chemo well with few
side effects. Very suddenly and unexpectedly today, around 1:00 pm, he dropped
his blood pressure and spiked a temperature. They transferred him to intensive
care. I just got off the phone with Roberta (9;00 pm on Saturday). He is
worse. He is on a breathing machine and his blood pressure is not
responding to the treatments. It doesn't look good at all. While Roberta is very upset,
she knows that God is in control and that He is the one who numbers our days.
They are a faithful witness to God's peace and sovereignty. I know they
appreciate your prayers and take comfort to know that so many people are praying for

this from a friend of Chris'. I believe Roberta is Chris' wife.

Please pray for Chris Temple and if you have your own blog, I encourage you to at least consider using it to get the word out.


Stephen Shields

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