Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Update on Chris Temple

this from the Temple's friend Amelia Hendricks in an email sent last night @ 5:26 PM:

Chris is holding his own today. He had a "rough night" and, although he is no longer improving, he is not losing ground either. His vital signs and level of support are about the same as when I last wrote (5 pm on Monday). They are to start dialysis today since his kidneys have not yet regained their function. Roberta was able to get some sleep last night and another shower today. She has a dear couple staying with her at the hospital -- praise God for them, too. And again, praise God for those who are ministering to Kaitlin back in Ligonier.
When they met with the doctors today about starting dialysis, one of them said they could not explain how Chris's blood acid level had improved as it did. Roberta gave all the glory to God, explaining about the prayers being lifted up. The lady with Roberta used that as an opportunity to let the doctors know that we are praying for them, too. She said it really touched the doctors to hear that.

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