Sunday, August 01, 2004

NT Wright - Christian Origins and the People of God

On 14 thru 16 July in hothorpe hall, leicestershire, england, Jason Clark, Chris Erskine, Simon Hall, Mike Love, Andrew Perriman, Matt Scrimgeour sponsored a two and a half day discussion with NT Wright, who is Bishop of Durham, called The Future of the People of God.

Andrew posted some preliminary reading material for the conference on his open theology site. Just at this writing am I discovering that included in this is a helpful synopsis of Wright's in-process multi-volume series, Christian Origins and the People of God. He provides a synopsis of

The New Testament and the People of God

Jesus and the Victory of God


The Resurrection of the Son of God

These are big tomes and Andrew truly renders those who have not taken time yet to read all published books of this series so far.

More to come.

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