Sunday, August 01, 2004

Why were you born?

I was in Los Angeles recently, having lunch with a friend. I learned that one of the hostesses at the restaurant had just moved to la from Connecticut. So I got a copy of my book and gave it to her. Another hostess was on the phone, and when she saw the book in my hand, she said, "I love that book, I love that book! Why are you giving her that book?" I said, "I'm the author." She hung up the phone, and with great excitement she told me that the book was part of her family's history. Her grandfather had read the book. He then gave it to her father on her parents' wedding day. And her father has now given it to each of his children, including her. Every age can use it, it seems.

Richard Bolles in What Happened to Your Parachute?, a FAST COMPANY interview with the author of What Color is Your Parachute?

I started going through this book maybe a year ago and found it transformational. It speaks to much more than merely how to find a job. It really does help the reader find his calling. Will Samson and I had breakfast yesterday and when I mentioned this book, he similarly raved.


Anonymous said...

When were you in LA?

Stephen said...

It's Bolles comment.

Anonymous said...

My bad...DOH!