Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Great Day in Nature

Beth, Michaela Siobhan (8), Skye Teresa (6), and Alia Noelle (4) and I had a great time today in serious interaction with nature. God's beauty and power were in evidence. This afternoon we vanned up to Millers, MD just south the Pennsylvania line to River Valley Ranch. There we participated in their 2004 Maizefest. The maze was huge - 5.5 acres. The course had multiple mailboxes each with one of nine pieces that comprised a map. Then between the mailboxes are clues. We had three of the nine when all hail broke loose.

After we had been in the maze maybe 20 mins or so we heard distant thunder. Then it started sprinkling. Then it began sprinkling harder. Then it started lightening. Keep in mind we are in a maze. We decide to leave. We aim ourselves uphill 'cause we know the exit is uphill. Then, it begins to hail.

We finally got out and took shelter on the porch of one of the many buildings on the Ranch. We were pretty wet and my four year old said the hail hurt her pretty head. And I can't remember the last time as a family we've had so much fun.

Then on the way home we saw a light rainbow. Then the rainbow acquired stunningly bright colors. Then it turned into a double rainbow. Then we noticed that we could see both ends of the arc.

Wow. A good day.
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