Sunday, October 17, 2004

The Resurrection of Our Lord

Jeremy Pierce mentions some helpful material associated with NT Wright's latest offering in the third book of his Christian Origins and the Question of God series: The Resurrection of the Son of God. Specifically,

- a recent favorable review by Craig Blomberg, Distinquished Professor of New Testament @ Denver Seminary,

- And, as Jeremy writes,

He's apparently worked the most fundamental arguments of the book into a series of three talks entitles Christian Origins and the Resurrection of Jesus, which are now all online. They are:

The Resurrection of Jesus as a Historical Problem,
Early Traditions and the Origins of Christianity, and
The Resurrection and the Postmodern Dilemma.

Thanks to NT Gateway for the links.

I'll also mention Andrew Perriman's summaries of

The New Testament and the People of God ,
Jesus and the Victory of God, and
The Resurrection of the Son of God

on opensourcetheology site.

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