Wednesday, October 20, 2004

google desktop is amazing!

After you install it, it works hours in background to index everything on your computer. But then when you search on any word or phrase, in just a couple of seconds you get every file, every im message, every email, and websites you've viewed with that word or phrase. I've already used it at work.

Truth in advertising; this is a beta product: MS Outlook does seem to open more slowly or, sometimes on my home PC, not at all when it's running. But on balance, I'm an enthusiast.

I was being effusive ab it yesterday with Levi Fuson and he was singularly unimpressed. He educated me that Appleheads have had this functionality for a while now.

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Anonymous said...

what's going to be interesting is life a decade from now when every passing spoken word can get cached and added to a searchable d.b like you mention.

another good post as always.

you should get a mac, you know? :)