Sunday, March 13, 2005

Brian McLaren Remembers Stan Grenz

One of the rumors I had heard about Stan before meeting him was that he was the only theologian anyone knew of who sang and played guitar (and sometimes trumpet) in the worship band at his home church. When I had the opportunity to visit Stan’s home and home church, I could see how deeply engaged he was both with his beloved city of Vancouver and with First Baptist, where Edna serves on staff. This involvement is less surprising in light of the fact that he was a youth director, assistant pastor, and pastor before becoming a theologian. Even as a professor of theology, Stan would frequently bring his guitar to class and lead his students in songs of worship, his pastoral heart integrating scholarly theology with heartfelt doxology. Many of us will remember this unique integration – something that is too rare, sadly, and now even rarer with Stan’s passing.

Brian McLaren posts some thoughts ab Stanley Grenz.

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