Monday, March 14, 2005

Emerging Theologians

We are considering sponsoring an "Emerging Theologians" series. Details are still being discussed, but the object would to sponsor new theological thought that is outside of the academy and created by currently unpublished authors. We would love to see younger theologians submitting to this effort but are equally excited about the possibility of submissions from all ages. Right now this is very much in the dream stages but we hope to have some established theologians participate in the review process, possibly acting as mentors. We're also considering a combination of publishing options, including web-based and/or a print journal, and possibly a books that is a collection of the essays. Stay tuned for more details, and please leave your comments below.

Will Sampson gives us a head up to this Emergent possibility.

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brad said...

Keep me posted. I wold love to make a few submissions on Polanyi/Newbigin epistemology or discipleship and learning methods.