Monday, March 28, 2005

DJ Chuang, Will Samson, and

I all live in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor and are carpooling together on Friday 1 April to participate in a Session we're all giving, along with Steve Knight and Nick Ciske at the Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century Conference in Lynchburg, VA. Will and I have breakfasted once and I know DJ from Cedar Ridge, but I've never spent this much time with either of them so this should be fun and profitable!

Here's the conference blurb on our session:

Reaching the Connected Generation with Blogging.

What is a "blog"? What does it mean "to blog"? And how can blogs be used to evangelize on the World Wide Web? Find out answers to these questions—and more—as this panel of bloggers discusses the emerging medium and what it means for the future of ministry on the Internet. You'll hear from Steve Knight (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association), DJ Chuang (, Nick Ciske (, Will Samson (, and Stephen Shields (


Sivin Kit said...

please send my regards to DJ and Will. And may the three of you have loads of fun. Send me some notes if you can :-)

Stephen said...

will do!

timsamoff said...

Sounds like great fun! :)

Matt said...

Hey, Stephen...

have a great time telling those nice people how bogs can be used to "evangelize the on the World Wide Web".

I think the "and more" part will be very interesting.

Tell Jerry I said "Hello".