Sunday, March 27, 2005

"Leaders call 'Emerging Church Movement' a threat to Gospel"

A recently developed way of envisioning church known as the "Emerging Church Movement" deals carelessly with Scripture and compromises the Gospel, according to a prominent evangelical scholar and a Southern Baptist seminary president.

Baptist Press - "the daily national news service of Southern Baptists since 1946" posts a David Roach piece reporting Southern Baptist and evangelical criticism of the emergers. The article speaks of DA Carson's soon to be published Becoming Conversant with Emergent and comments by Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president R Albert Mohler, Jr.

A-List Emerging Blogger Andrew Jones posts a lengthy and thoughtful response.


Fajita said...

Jerusalem A.D. 30

Leaders call Jesus threat to the law.

Jesus was not threat to the law. He was the only way it could be fulfilled.

I do not want to strap emergent with a "Messiah Complex," since that is what gets movements and conversations into trouble quick. But I do want to point out that the very thing that might be most important for the future of the gospel is the mystery of how the Spirit works to advance the kingdom through varied forms, new theologies, and collections of weirdos.

Let the critics talk. All they do is to inform emergent (whoever they are and whatever it is) on how to progress more effectively and faithfully (although not effective by their terms and not faithful by their terms).

A movement is only as strong as the questions it can tolerate, answer, and grow from.

Stephen said...


Loved the last sentence - Great quote.