Monday, April 18, 2005

The Emerging Storm: DA Carson, Andrew Jones and Scot McKnight

It's a sign of our new media environment that DA Carson's Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church has been discussed now for quite some time even before it's anticipated June 2005 publication.

Andrew Jones gives us a heads up about a significant new voice in this ec storm conversation: Scot McKnight. Scot's entrance into the fray is interesting from a few angles:

Scot seems to be positioning himself as a helpful arbiter between Carson's critique and the emerging church. He's already posted

We look forward to hearing from this new voice and welcome Scot to the conversation!

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Scot McKnight said...

Thank you for your kind remarks.
I'm as interested in helping out as I am in learning myself. I have two colleagues at NPU, Ginny Olson and Jim Dekker, who are both "conversant with emergent," and have given me all kinds of tips over the last year or so. DA Carson's new book made me think I need to look into this more carefully.

I'm now "done" with that part of the conversation, and I've posted a more complete and synthetic response on my blog. Keep it up Stephen; I like your stuff.