Monday, May 16, 2005

Google Boosting

Rob Williams is trying to get the highest ranking in Google for the word triperspectival. I understand his desire to be #1. I'm currently sitting at the top of the heap on Google for "disambiguous soteriology." And Stephen Shields is rightfully in first place with "transpropositional." Anyone else out there proud of their Google rankings and care to share the news?

BTW - Here's a new term I stumbled across on Google while researching this post: Fristianity. Defined (on one message board) as "the bastardization of Christianity for political partisan purposes that are wholly antithetical to virtually every precept of Christianity/Christian doctrine." Ouch! Gotta love Google though: "Did you mean: Christianity"


mo said...

Thanks to a typo in my site's description search for "Cute Christian Guys" and you will find me as #5 out of 758,000!

I really should add the apostrophe, but I'm pretty proud of that.

Steve said...

I'm at the top for "out in the sticks" which is where I live and the name of my blog.

Anonymous said...

What kind of traffic does triperspectival get anyway? I'm on the google results list.