Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ken Archer Reviews DA Carson's Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church


  • First, Carson’s favorable portrait of the realist option, as based in a Christian evangelical project led by Descartes whose sole error lay in overestimating what finite humans can know, overlooks serious issues with this option that any new synthesis must deal with.

  • Second, Carson's third way beyond the false antithesis of absolute realism and subjectivism - what he calls soft postmodernism - is no third way at all, as it avoids answering the tough questions of either realism or subjectivism.

  • Third, an obvious place to search for a third way out of the modern-postmodern antithesis – premodern thought – is obscured by Carson’s quick and faulty presentation of premodern thought.

  • Fourth, Carson critiques a primarily pastoral movement, the Emerging Church, for what is a failure of academics.

Ken Archer, posts his full review of Carson's latest book.

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