Sunday, February 26, 2006

Don Miller and John MacMurray's To Own a Dragon, Reflections on Growing up Without a Father

Miller's publicist sent me a review copy of this book and my wife has been inhaling it the last two days. She comments:

I loved Don Miller's "To Own a Dragon, Reflections on Growing up Without a Father." Although it's written for men, I was laughing so hard, my husband kept telling me, "Be quiet, you're going to wake the girls!" Thoughtful and
honest, Miller details his insecurities and foibles with poignancy, and says to the rest of us perhaps the most "Christian" thing we can say to one another: "You're not alone."


Len said...

Bethany...I read the sample chapter from this book, and I can't wait to get it. I am a big fan since reading Blue Like Jazz. So, sometime I guess our families are gonna have to get least maybe Stephen will let me raid his bookshelves ;-)

beth said...

sounds good, as long as you STOP CALLING ME BETHANY!!! It's "Beth," you bone-head! :o