Saturday, February 25, 2006

Witherington, Grudem and the ESV

Wayne Grudem posts comments in response to Witherington's earlier post (now deleted) on the origin of the ESV.

I should also comment that after receiving feedback and information, Witherington moderated his earlier comments.

Grudem's comments are interesting in and of themselves in terms of giving a history of the ESV.

ht to Justin Taylor

The entire conversation is also interesting because it once again shows how the fast interaction available through blogs allows for a healthy self-correction mechanism in theological and ecclesial conversation. Humility is, however, the toggle on whether such conversations are salutary or detrimental. I do suggest that the toggle is not the medium itself (some have depreciated the medium because such conversations can and often do go negative) but the character of those participating. See earlier posts do blogs democratize knowledge - pt 1 and pt 2 and my response to Doug Pagitt's recent decision to stop using blogs to share and discuss ideas.

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