Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Suggested Resources for The Da Vinci Code

The Suggested Resource for The Da Vinci Code has been moved to here.


Preachrboy said...

Thanks for the helpful resources. I have linked to this post at my blog, where I have collected numerous responses from my own Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. You may wish to read here:


Stephen said...

Thanks Tom!

I'll link to your post!

I've been enjoying the Issues ETC Radio Interviews on DVC and the Judas Gospel.

Paul Schafer said...


I am doing the same thing as you are in making a list. Adrian Warnock has given me this assignment. I linked you in my list.

Paul Schafer

Stephen said...

Great! Will you email me the link when you post it?

Carol said...

Heard Lee Strobel speak this weekend on DiVinci Code...excellent. You can find his insights at leestrobel.com. I was avoiding the book but now will read it. I see it as a great opprotunity to share the real Jesus with others.

Duncan said...

Thanks for this Stephen. I'm putting a link in The Da Vinci Code Online, a combination of travel and fact finder on the Da Vinci Code phenomenon.

Seven Star Hand said...
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Josh said...


Brian McLaren had some good stuff to say to Sojourners. Very good pastoral approach.

Favorite quote is: "We need to ask ourselves why the vision of Jesus hinted at in Dan Brown's book is more interesting, attractive, and intriguing to these people than the standard vision of Jesus they hear about in church."

Check out the article.

Unionsbuerger said...

Dieser Film hat die Kirche Saint Sulpice in Paris gefüllt. Eine gute Nachricht für unseren Papst.