Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Toward Understanding the Heart of the Da Vinci Code

Amy Hall - of the A-Team - lets us know that her teammate Roger Overton will in the coming weeks be reviewing various Da Vinci Code response books.

She also recommends Garlow and Jones' Cracking the Da Vinci Code as a unique contribution to the every growing Da Vinci Code critique. She comments,

I mentioned before that it seemed to me the issue of paganism in TDC has been overlooked as people rush to correct the historical inaccuracies. I strongly believe that, in addition to facts, TDC needs to be addressed at the more fundamental level of worldviews, and this book is just what the conversation needs.


Cracking connects TDC with the larger picture of paganism, ancient Gnosticism, and trends in our own culture as these ideas once again gain a foothold--and it does so in a readable, layperson-friendly way.

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