Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Conversation Questions for The Da Vinci Code

The following is a list of dialogue provoking questions put together by some of the staff of Search Ministries.

What are the some good questions to lead someone through a discussion on the Da Vinci Code material?

Ice breaker: What movie has had the greatest impact on your life?

A. What did you think? What did you like and not like? Did it raise

B. ?Why would we need to have a discussion about a fictional group?

a. Is there another work of fiction that people believed to be true?

b. Why is this book so popular? Why has this stuck such a nerve?

c. What is it about our culture that makes it more appealing today than in the 1930’s?

C. What are the consequences if the content is the book is true?

D. What are the consequences is the content in the book is false?

E. What do you think the main issues or themes of the movie were?

F. Is this the first time you’ve thought about these questions/issues?

G. How would it change your image of Jesus if he was married?

a. Would it matter if Jesus were married?

b. Why do we want Jesus to be single?

H. In the Last Supper, is it Mary?

I. How do recognize a conspiracy?

J. How does this affect you opinion of the church?

K. Have you read a fiction book that changed your life?

L. How did this impact of change your concept of:

a. …Truth

b. …History

c. …Scripture

d. …Jesus

M. Teebing said “All religion is fabrication” What do you think?

N. What is your understanding how the Bible came into existence?

O. If one wanted to know what Jesus really said and did, what would they need to do?

P. Do the winners really write history? Everything is open for discussion…there is no real truth behind it.

Q. Do you want Dan Brown’s book to be true?

R. Why do you think that our culture has a new thrust/genera of spiritual media? (Matrix, Passion)

- Suggested Resources for The Da Vinci Code

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