Monday, August 21, 2006

katrina by the numbers, part 2: 1 year later

USA TODAY poll in today's paper:

  • 16% - those who say that their lives are back to normal one year later
  • 56% - those with kids under 18 who say that their kids have been negatively affected by the storm
  • 25% - those who have not moved back
  • 20% - number of those who have moved back but believe they may need to move out again
  • 14% - those currently unemployed
  • "those who say they are experiencing a great deal or quite a bit of"
    • anxiety - 27%
    • trouble sleeping - 26%
    • depression - 23%
    • "difficulties in marriage or other family relationships" - 18%
  • Top 5 Most Difficult Things to Deal with Since Katrina:
    1. damaged property
    2. financial problems
    3. mental or emotional sate
    4. "getting our lives back on track"
    5. "no longer having a job"
  • Top 5 Types of Help Most Desired to Recover from Katrina
    1. $
    2. help with damage or contractors
    3. more FEMA help
    4. "a place to stay"
    5. a job

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1 comment:

JSV said...

My heart goes out to those rebuilding their lives!

Are there any sound sources that have tracked where all the money has gone? Is this even possible?

There are few things that get me as angry as the misuse of funds from those giving in good spirit to those in need.

Maybe it's all my years working for the government and seeing the abysmal waste of tax payer money and the horrible money management skills by those responsible. Call me a skeptic here, but for good reason.