Tuesday, August 22, 2006

katrina: where did the money go?

Someone commented to our earlier post about Katrina stats one year later:

" My heart goes out to those rebuilding their lives!

Are there any sound sources that have tracked where all the money has gone? Is this even possible?"

Charity Navigator - a great place to go when you're evaluating charities - has posted a "One Year Later" series of articles analyzing how the philantropic response went.


JSV said...
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JSV said...

64% of people either not too confident or not confident at all over how money was spent.

I guess I wasn't the only one questioning this stuff!

Is that THE Danny Wuerffel--Executive Director, Desire Street Ministries?

Well, I didn't see what I wanted; a break down of the donations, especially if the bulk went to the Red Cross. Somebody(s) took that money in and then gave it out. There has to be records of what exactly the expenditures went towards. Give me a pie chart RC.

I did like the "5 Lessons For Donors To Take To Heart" article. I'd also like to see more of what Trent Stamp discussed regarding the influence of TV pictures and the immediate call for relief that simply isn't realistic, shedding an unfare light on charities and relief efforts.

I have tremendous respect for those invovled that had to make decisions not based on pressure, but what needed to be done.