Monday, March 12, 2007

A Friendly Complaint about Zondervan and the TNIV

the attention devoted to keeping the TNIV website up to date frankly just stinks., a Zondervan website for the version, has not been significantly updated in probably two years. And it's not that it's just been neglected, it's like a neglected house that is starting to fall apart. The most significant neglect is on the products page, promoted on the home page as supposedly being "the complete TNIV line-up." It's not. In fact, it hasn't been updated since it was first created as far as I can tell. On this page, the visitor will find no mention of the TNIV Study Bible. the Bible Experience, or the recently released College Devotional Bible. And to make matters even worse, upon a recent visit, I discovered that now there are graphics which are missing and do not load. And all the bizarre white space at the bottom of the products page make it look like a middle schooler's first attempt at a website.

I wouldn't dream of recommending to a person who is interested in the TNIV.

- the entire post - Rick Mansfield wonders about Zondervan's commitment to Today's New International Version


Anonymous said... many Bibles do we really need? If we read them more and reflected more we might start changing things!

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Shari said...

I love my tniv study bible. Are you still using yours? To bad they're letting the site go to seed.