Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Buzz Conference: 6/27 PreConference Session - NCC Undercover - Heather Zempel

Here's what struck me from Heather Zempel's talk from NCC Undercover

  • Heather Zempel

    • NCC has a free market small group leadership philosophy.

      • They do not prescribe what small group leaders will do with their groups - they want them to follow their passion.

      • Only three criteria:

        • leader must have been in small group.
          • Mark says this protects culture
        • the group must be relational
        • the group must be missional

      • Find a rhythm with distinct beginning and ending points. NCC uses semesters.

      • Intentionally execute a thought-out discipleship strategy

      • Focus on leaders, not on groups.

      • Keep asking questions and don't be afraid to restructure or relaunch when necessary.
Mark graciously invited Warren, Todd, and me to have dinner at his home afterwards and we were able to meet Mark's family and 2 of the speakers in Thursday's sessions: Craig Groeschel and Tim Stevens. Most of Craig family was there, some of Tim's workmates, and some other NCC staffers as well. It was a wonderful evening and humbling to be with such extremely gifted people.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's sessions.

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