Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Buzz Conference: PreConference Session - 6/27 NCC Undercover - Joel Schmidgall

Here's what struck me from Joel Schmidgall's talk on 6/27 as a part of NCC Undercover

  • Joel shared 10 best practices for Outreach. Here are some of them.

    • Mix it up - have all kinds of outreach efforts. They have

      • a ministry to the homeless
      • kids' movie nights
      • back to school carnivals
      • handing out water on the 4th of July at Metro stops
      • etc

      • Joel said that if you don't have a few failures then you're not doing enough.

    • Have a few uncontainable neighborhood events every year.

      • this puts the church on the radar screen of the neighborhood

    • Go after the people that nobody wants and you'll get the people that everybody wants.

    • Blog your mission trips so that folks at home will also benefit from your team's spiritual adventure.

    • Joel has a list of all the local news media - newspaper, tv - contacts and whenever NCC plans a big event, he emails them a month in advance of the event.

    • Take advantage of local grants for these events
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